So, what are the benefits with a Sliding Wardrobe vs. Conventional Hinged Wardrobes?


With a SKÖN Sliding Wardrobe you can achieve up to 50% more storage space when compared to conventional hinged wardrobes…why?

  • No more Hinged Doors left open in the bedroom!
    • Sliding Doors are neat and tidy, and create a seemless tidy finish
  • No more Hinged Doors busting open because they won’t close properly!
    • Sliding Doors do not open outward and so all your clothes are hidden behind in their oen organise space.
  • No more clothes and belts hanging on the hinged doors
    • Well, you can’t hang them on a Sliding Wardrobe!! Why not choose some pull out Tie/ Belt Rails to store these items inside!
  • No more Hinged Doors blocking light into your wardrobe
    • Sliding Wardrobes allow full open access and light into your wardrobes so you can find everything with ease!
  • No more Kickers or Pelmets (that blanking panel that fits between the ceiling and wardrobe, and the floor and wardrobe)
    • We fit your Sliding Wardrobes from floor to ceiling!
  • Hinged Doors can only be made a certain max width before they get too big to hang properly, therefore you are limited to 1m width openings
    • Sliding Wardrobes can be made to any measurement, with less restrictions on layout and design for your needs!
  • No more busy Hinged Wardrobe doors making rooms look busy!
    • Sliding Wardrobes can offer you clean lines, seamless finishes, and full floor to ceiling wood, coloured glass and mirrors!
  • No more boring designs!
    • By mixing and matching wood, coloured glass and mirror. This gives you clean lines and allows you to create a Traditional, Classical or Contemporary look to the space… you choose!

So….why not check out the rest of our website or drop into us for some inspiration!


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